Animal Assisted Therapy Activities

To Motivate and Inspire

About the Author...

             With a BA in Special Education and Physical Education, Nancy Lind spent 27 years as a special needs teacher.  During that time she was introduced to animal assisted therapy, and was so taken with the concept that she pioneered a program for her own students.  Creating activities with the dogs for, she was astounded at the skills they were able to master with the help of a canine friend…skills that were seemingly out of reach prior to the introduction of the dogs.  The results were overwhelming, and the program was so well received that it led to the addition of several “teams” visiting on a regular basis. 

             A desire to share what she learned from her students, led Nancy founded Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy (a not for profit 501c3) in 1987.  Today, with over 200 teams involved in over 100 programs, (among them schools, hospitals, libraries, rehabilitation centers, etc.) Nancy is the CEO of Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy and is still actively involved in all aspects of the organization, particularly member education. 

             She is a Certified Delta Animal Evaluator, as well as a Registered Delta Pet partner.  In addition, she is a certified tester for Therapy Dogs International, Inc., and a temperament tester with the American Temperament Society. 

             She continues to create and implement activities that motivate and inspire for more effective animal assisted therapy in a variety of settings. 

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Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy, Inc.