Animal Assisted Therapy Activities

To Motivate and Inspire

Introducing A New Book by AAT Pioneer Nancy Lind




A "Must Have" for Volunteers, Professionals, and     Dog Lovers, etc.



"When I began learning AAT, I searched in vain for a book like this -- a very practical guide to activities geared to achieving specific goals and skills.   The approach is not rigid. Instead it encourages you to think about each activity and further develop it as you apply it in each situation.  Most importantly, though, it positively reinforces the idea that AAT should be an enjoyable learning experience for everyone concerned.  The book gently reminds us that we need to learn from each other and need to allow our dogs to naturally interact with each participant to achieve their own unique individual success."  Gail Cohen, AAT Volunteer

Animal Assisted Therapy Activities to Motivate and Inspire is an excellent resource for pet therapy teams, educators, and therapists.   Professionals will benefit from the clearly outlined instructions with educational and clinical application suggestions from Nancy Lind, a pioneer in the area of Pet Therapy.  The goal-directed cross-referenced charts in the appendix provide practitioners with the perfect framework for matching a participant’s goals to a specific pet-activated task.  This book eliminates the need to reinvent activities for each setting, and challenges professionals to improvise.  Core activities, combined with the special attributes of the pet and human team members, create the perfect context for participants with physical, social and educational challenges to enhance skills and experience success.  Dulcey Lima OTR/L, Orthotic Interventions.

 Animal assisted therapy pioneer Nancy Lind spills 25 years worth of experience into an easy to read, user friendly, and ultimately practical new book entitled “Animal Assisted Therapy: Activities to Motivate and Inspire.

Unlike any other AAT book that’s currently on the market, Lind focuses her reader’s attention on the actual activities that constitute the practice of animal assisted therapy. 

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More information about Animal Assisted Therapy and the human animal connection can be found in these links:  The group founded in the Chicago area by Author Nancy Lind over 30 years ago, now with over 200 teams working in over 150 facilities.  Susan Bulanda is an author, lecturer and certified animal behavior consultant.