Animal Assisted Therapy Activities

To Motivate and Inspire

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FUNDRAISING/EDUCATORS/VOLUME PRICING for "Animal Assisted Therapy Activities To Motivate and Inspire" (25 or more books)


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The book features detailed descriptions of over 50 AAT activities, along with the situation for which they’re most appropriate, and expected outcomes. A special cross reference chart located in the appendix eliminates the detail and breaks everything down to a quick glance.

A percentage of all proceeds from this book is donated to

Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy, Inc.

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  • "Thanks so much for writing this book! I have shared some it with the volunteers in our small nonprofit (Coach Dog, Inc.) and they have loved it. The reference of skills and go..."
    Joy Willison
  • ""I had ordered 25 copies for our local therapy dog group! Great Book!!!!! Lots of good ideas!!! Thanks for a wonderful, helpful book!!"
    Sally Petty
    Waggin Hearts Therapy Dogs